2 May 2010

Girl Germs

Just to let you know, I made a blog for our Girl Germs night if anyone is interested in following it.

We'll be posting updates about the night and any other grrrl related music news we think you might like.

Also, if you're interested in getting involved in anyway, from playing with your band, sending zines to sell or helping out designing flyers or with promotion please get in contact! We want to make this international!

So, you can read about Girl Germs here: girlgermslondon.blogspot.com


  1. heyhey, i've been spelled wrong on there, and in facebook. but i think what i could read from the tiny flyer on facebook i think i was spelled right on there. it's kissakerho.

    ps. i am so looking forward to it!!

  2. doh! yeah it's spelt right on the flyer, thankfully we can change the other stuff!

    it's going to be gooooood!