2 June 2010


And finally... on Monday I went down to Frith Street to get my tattoo! After three awesome days I was really starting to cheer up, and realise, that away from work my life is quite awesome! I have amazing friends that I can do neat things with like sewing and cycling and I'm able to do pretty much most of the things that make me happy. Like on Monday, I woke up, read some zines and listened to Beat Happening (how could that not cheer me up?!) then headed out on my bike to Soho to Frith Street Tattoo!

It was a really nice experience getting tattooed, this was the 4th tattoo I've had done by Valerie and we're getting quite comfortable round each other, so it was nice having a bit more a chat with her than usual. Anyway, enough babbling - onto the pictures!

I really love it, I can't stop looking at it :) I think it's my favourite so far!


  1. This is intensely rad... I'm very envious. Nice work! Looks ace, as does your magpie one. Glad to hear you had such a cool long weekend :) x

  2. Wow, it looks really cute x.x.x.

  3. oh lovely, the colour of the typewriter is just so spot-on!

  4. It looks beautiful on you! The typewriter is just perfect. I totally see why you stick with Valerie, this woman obviously knows what she's doing!

    Your needlework is cool, too!
    And that pile of zines looks like you have a lot of cheerful reading ahead of you! (at least if your not like me who never can stop reading until I'm through all of them... No matter how often I promise myself to save some for later *this* time.). Oh, and I've got Gemma's super kitten fun joy zine too! It's lovely! :)

  5. Oh, what happened to "she-cycles"? Is it just me and my laptop/internet connection or is it gone? I can't see the posts anymore.