2 June 2010

4 Day Weekend!

I had a lovely weekend, it was so good to get away from work for a bit longer than usual!

On Friday I went to ULU and finally got my zine reprinted ready for the zinefest! I've nearly mastered the art of double-sided copying, I only got two pages the wrong way round! Then I headed over to Lydia's (and on the way picked up some yummy vegan icecream!) and we watched Les Chansons d'amour which was an amazingly odd French musical, I liked it a lot!

Saturday was the day of the zinefest, so I was up early and on the new East London line to Brick Lane. I really enjoyed the zinefest this year. Last year was a total disappointment, I came away with not one zine! But this year I think there was a much better mix of people and stalls. I still can't get over some zines costing £7 or £8 though! There seems to be a lot more of these kind of art zines around nowadays and I'm not sure what I think of them. I think it's cool that people are using the zine as the format of choice for their art projects, and I think they look really neat, it's just they are so inaccessable to me and probably many others. I simply can't afford that much for one zine! Sometimes it feels, when you're at zine fairs, that there are almost two teirs of zines, the nice glossy art zines and then zines like mine, photocopied and 50p-£1 each and I always thinks mine ends up looking a bit limp next to them.

Anyway - here's a picture of my haul!

I also bought myself some rather lovely shoes on Saturday. They are very sensible, and they are from Clarks! I felt very grown and up and sensible buying them :)


  1. I bought Love Letters To Monsters a few weeks ago, I couldn't put it down!

  2. it's brilliant, it's been my favourite so far!

  3. I was also struck by the two-tier zine thing at the Alternative Press Fair a couple of months ago. I think it's really great that people are producing really high quality beautiful arty stuff, but I agree, they are rather unaffordable to lots of people. But then again, they must cost a lot to make, so I suppose the creators have to cover that. I think the two types can exist side-by-side, though, and people will always want the cheaper, grittier, more traditional types of zine too, so don't worry about them looking different! I usually look at my zines when they're done and think, god, this is so short and simple, yet it took so bloody long to make! To conclude this essay, I like your shoes, I have some really similar red ones, so comfy!