31 December 2009

Christmas Gifts

I had a pretty good Christmas this year, I hadn't been back to my parents house for such a long time so it really was nice being together with all my family. I had a really horrible chest infection so I was out of it for most of Christmas day, but the bits I remember were ace! Here are a few of my presents:

Present from Dan, the d.i.y. guide to playing drums makes me really happy, I've been talking about wanting to learn drums for ages, and Dan giving me this makes me feel he believes I can do it.

Cath Kidson sewing things from my mum and dad!


Books! The Unfortunates is amazing, it is unbound and held together in a box, and apart from the first and last chapters you read the sections in whatever order you want!

When I spend time with my family like this, or I see other young families together, I get this absolutely crippling fear of growing up. My insides just twist up and thought of my parents being old, and the fact my dad is 10 years older than my mum, just makes me want to move home and spend every minute with them. Even thinking about my younger brother growing up into a man terrifies me, I want him to be happy and for whatever he grows up into to be good. I can't imagine what it's like having children of your own. But mostly, I just want to be 8 years old again, playing in the park, running around alleyways with my spy notebook and going to Brownies. I don't want to have to worry about going to work, paying the bills, overdrafts, rent, relationships. Sigh.


  1. ooooh, so many nice presents! <3 i love that handmade nation dvd, i wanted to watch that movie FOREVER.

    i get that feeling too when i'm at home, especially during christmas. i just don't want to imagine what it will be like when my parents and siblings are not here anymore... :/ i wish i could always spend christmas at home, all my life long.

  2. it really is awesome! have you seen it yet? I could make you a copy if you liked?

  3. ooooh i would love that! i'm dying to see it really.