7 January 2010


I've been waiting for this appointment for 7 months now. Back in May the day I finished my exams (and my degree I guess) I went into Frith Street to book an appointment with Valerie for my next tattoo. For the other two I had done with her I only had to wait a week for the first and then a month for the second. But when I went in this time they said you'll have to go on to the waiting list and they said it would be at least 5 months! I guess I could have gone somewhere else but Valerie is really one of the only tattoo artists that I really love their work, and she is awesomely nice.

So I finally got to go in on Tuesday, I really love being tattooed. I love being in the shop, all the art on the wall, the sound of the needle buzzing and the other people who work there are really nice (and funny) too they're just so passionate about what they do and they seem really happy to be putting something on you forever.

So, the tattoo. I got a magpie, no particular reason other than I think they look cool and the crow family are awesome birds. And I have a bit of a magpie's eye, I'm always spotting money and other shiny things. It was originally going to be holding a watch, but I thought instead I'd get it holding a timeturner cos I've always wanted a way to sneak a Harry Potter tattoo on to me.

It turns out taking a picture of your own back is really hard, so here are some (crappy) pictures until I can get someone to take a better one.

 A bit of a washed out picture of front part which goes on to my arm, near my armpit:

and one of the back part which is just above my shoulder blade.

It's not completely done yet, in a few weeks I'm going to get the colours, lots of golds and yellows for the leaves and the time turner and then some blues and greens for the magpie. I absolutely love it, I really love how well it fits my body. I just know I'm going to end up covered in them :)