8 January 2010

Girl Germs

I did some drawing today for the next Girl Germs clubnight. I really need to get a new cable for the scanner, so I don't have to keeping posting these terrible photos.

We're making a website for the night, which will hopefully also turn into a distro as well. When this picture is coloured (I appear to have lost my coloured pencils) and if Lydia and Mel like it, it will be the front page of the website:

need to sort the girl germs bit out.

And this is going to be the flyer for the next Girl Germs (I'll make a proper post about the night soon):



  1. the flyer looks great. are you going to Brighton Zinefest too?

  2. hm weird, i commented on this a few days ago but blogger must have swallowed it or something... i just wanted to tell you that i'd loooooove to be penpals! a lot! plus i looooove those drawings, i wish i could come to that clubnight. <3