18 January 2010


image by katie shelton

As I was just settling into the new year and new routines my whole world gets thrown upside down. I got evicted. Long story, but basically it was leave now or go through months of court orders and losing money. We both had somewhere we could stay for the short term so we left. Right now I am writing this sitting on my boyfriend's bed. Being the super lovely person he is he's let me stay with him until  find somewhere else. So, some good's come out of it already, I'm really looking forward to living with him again, I just hope we don't annoy each other after getting used to our own space and company.

So now I have to find somewhere else to live. A huge part of me just wants to curl up in a ball underneath Dan's bed, I don't want to move again. I was just getting comfortable in my old flat and starting to make it feel like a home but now yet again I am moving. In the last ten years I have lived in 11 houses. I just don't know any more what it is like to have a home, everywhere I've lived has just been somewhere I'll have to move out of in a few months.

Also, I'm going to have to move into a flatshare cos I can't afford to get somewhere by myself. I don't want to live with strangers. I did it before and it was shit. I hate the fact that I had a lovely flat in a great part of London and now I have nothing and I'm going to have to crawl around London selling myself to strangers whose house I'm going to move into. I'm scared. What if I move in and they turn out to be horrible and ignore me like the last flatshare I lived in?


  1. oh no. :( after reading this i wish even more that we could move in together! i don't like flatsharing very much either, which is why i'm moving out just now. i wish you the very best! you'll find something i'm sure! or just move to berlin :D

  2. haha, i was thinking 'perhaps i could just move to a different country' but i could afford never afford it. i hope you find somewhere nice too :)