17 March 2010


I haven't had a headache for such a long time...but I've had a really horrible one for the last two days. I was saying to Dan just on Monday how much I am enjoying not having headaches anymore. Damn.

Work is going really badly too. I have lost all interest in it, and no matter how much work I do no one notices. And to top it all off nicely, this awful man keeps harrassing and bordering on bullying me. But I really don't know what to do, even though I have been here nearly three years I'm still just a temp, so if I complained they don't have to do anything and could sack me and brush it all under the carpet if they want to.

I hate that 8 hours of my life every day is spent/wasted here.

I really want that to change, and I'm trying to write up a business plan for an absolutely amazing business idea, it's just when I get home I am so drained and fed up from this job I can't bear to do anything.

In other news...I'm seriously considering respraying my bike sunshine yellow and getting all nice tan leather accessories. I just don't know how to go about respraying a bike...

picture by mjm


  1. I know the feeling of being stuck in a job you hate and not having the energy to get yourself out of it. I think awful jobs are designed that way. I hope your headache goes away soon.

  2. This is echoing EXACTLY how I feel about work at the moment, the bullying thing, I totally get, Im a permanant member of staff and I am scared shitless of 'dobbing' anyone in. Its shit, just keep plodding along, and remember its just a 'means to an end'. I wish I could just sew, bike and bake for a living, rather than working for a company who couldnt give a shit if you got knocked over by a bus tommorrow. Gggggrrrr.


  3. the headache has gone...but the job's just as bad. well, i spoke to my boss and they were really really angry, buuut, they didn't know what to do about it.
    really i'm just hoping this job being shit will soon enough force me to leave.

    i wish i could sew and bike and cycle for a living...well, that's kind of what my exciting business plans involve!

  4. I think our bosses went to the same school, mine have NO idea what they are on about.

    Ooooh I am excited to find out your exciting plans, Im sending your pennies for your zine today too.


  5. I feel for you. I was in that position a few weeks ago until I quit. I'm not sure if it really was the best thing to do as now i have no job, i'm still interning at another place where i really should be paid and if i don't get another job i might have to go on the dole.

    Hope it works out x.x.x.