1 March 2010


I've found a place!

Really don't want to jinx it, but I'm just too happy and excited about it not to tell anyone! Here's a little picture of the outside:

It's not actually the whole house, it's split into flats, but it's still bigger than any other flat I've lived at in London! The bay window is where the front room is, and it's huge. Lovely big sofas, a telly, loads of bookshelves...ha, you can tell I haven't lived in a super nice house for a while! And then just behind the bush on the left is the window to my room. It's nice and cosy, just the right size, but the girls were saying that they mostly all sit together in the front room.

The rent is £280 a month...yep, a month! My last place was £617 a month, now I can pay the rent with one weeks wages! It means I won't have to worry about money, I'll be able to do more of the things I want to and perhaps even work a few less hours at my job.

But the best thing is the other people who live there! Two girls who are about a year or two older than me, and they are lovely. It's really nice meeting people who are similar to you. I was gobsmacked when I told them I make zines and they not only knew what they were but said they make them too!

So, just have to get my stuff over there and then hope I pass the credit check with the agency to get on the letting agreement.

So excited!


  1. YAYE! that's super exciting!
    i kinda wanna come and live there, the rent's better than my little provincial town one...
    shhh, i didn't say that.

  2. it's a little bit too exciting that i'm paranoid it will go wrong!
    when i move in you will have to come round for tea :)


    i want to visit you someday! i moved last week aswell and it's so nice to have a home that only belongs to ME. you should come visit too!

  4. maren - yes! we def have to do this! i am so looking forward to somewhere that is mine, an i can have people over for tea and to stay.