2 March 2010


Spring is here! I know it sounds lame but I feel happier already. When the sun is shining I don't want to be cramped up inside and I feel like I can do anything! I know soon enough I will be complaining about being too hot, I think the thing I actually like suspense, knowing every day it will get a bit warmer and the days a bit longer.

So today seems like a good day to have my zine all done and finished!


 So there it is. I finished it once in October, then loads of crap happened and nothing in the zine seemed relevant so I ripped it up and started again. I really really got back into the idea of making zines while making this issue and I'm planning the next one already. I finally feel like I have something to say again.

This issue is mainly about cycling, being evicted, tattoos, open relationships, being inspired...there's lots of drawings too. 

If anyone would like to buy a copy or trade let me know in the comments. It will be £1.50 and 50p postage to UK and £1.00 anywhere else.


  1. I would like a copy please!!!


  2. I would like a copy too, I emailed you on Sunday or Monday. I am Nina-Marie, if you send your address to me I'll send you some money.

  3. jessica - i would love to send you a copy! email me at pillowtalkzine at googlemail.com

    nina - not sure i got your email, it's been playing up, where did you send it?

  4. the zine is brilliant. i absolutely loved it!!

  5. I really enjoyed your zine. You've inspired me to start working on mine again. Looking forward to the next one x.x.x.

  6. steph - i'm so glad you liked it! that's great you're going to start work on yours again, I can't wait to read it!

    lydia - it means a lot that you like it :)

  7. Hey, skipped into your blog via a link, and I've got this issue of your zine :) It's really good, and I enjoyed reading it.